Admission Procedure
  1. Addmision of the student in the school will be on the basis of merit.
  2. For addmission the necessary document such as Trasnfer Certificate  from the institution last attended and the copy of the Mark List of the qualifying examination must be submitted.
  3. For taking addmission the parents of the students must inevitably be present and sign the addmission form.
  4. If a stundent is absent from the school for three consecutive days from the day of re-opening, without forwarding a leave application in writing, his/hre name will be strock of the rolls. if a student is  absent from the school for Ten days consecutively without leave application, his/her name will be removed from the school rolls. In both cases the re-addmission will be considered as fresh addmission.
  5. Application for Transfer Certificate must be forwarded by the parent/guardian of the student. Transfer Certificate will be issue only after the student has paid all the dues and fears towards the school.
  6. If a student is leaving the school during the school year he/she will have to pay all the dues and fees for the whole of the year, for Transfer Certificate to be issue in his/her favour.