Aim & Objectives

Divya Jyoti Public School is a educational institution aiming at a break-through into the fight against the wall of darkness of ignorance and illiteracy by helping the students to plunge into the infinite realms of knowledge, develop skills and thus build up their character and personality based on simplicity and honesty. The management and staff will put all their efforts to instill into the children the love of God and fellowmen, dedication to duty, unselfish service to the nation and an unparalleled thrust for excellence and wisdom.

Academic excellence is our primary aim. Education is for the growth of the intellectual, mental as well as the spiritual faculties; it helps the growth of an individual into mature, responsible, disciplined and patriotic citizen. We prepare the students to face the challenges of a competitive world, and to be committed to the service of God and of the nation. They should not be isolated from the mainstream of the society; our curriculum is planned accordingly. Besides imparting academic motivations, the school also tries to inculcate in the students social and leadership qualities through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and programmes, so that they cultivate a sense of belongingness and concern for the underprivileged and the oppressed.